Accessing Twilio Resources

Let’s say you’re building a Twilio application that needs access to all of your account data – stuff like call logs, recordings, SMS messages, etc. django-twilio makes accessing this information extremely easy.

The Twilio REST Client

The official Twilio python library provides a really awesome wrapper around Twilio’s REST API. Before continuing on, you may want to read the intro/getting started portion of their docs for this feature, as understanding this will make the documentation below significantly easier to follow.

How it Works

If you are using the Twilio python library by itself (without django-twilio), you could see a list of all the phone numbers you have provisioned to your Twilio account by running the following code:

from import Client

# Your private Twilio API credentials.
AUTH_TOKEN = 'xxx'

client = Client(ACCOUNT_SID, AUTH_TOKEN)
for number in

While this is really convenient, it breaks the Don’t Repeat Yourself rule of software engineering by making you manually specify your account credentials.

Since django-twilio already requires you to enter your Twilio credentials in your file, django-twilio provides a simple wrapper around Client: django_twilio.client.twilio_client.

The twilio_client Wrapper

As mentioned in the previous section, django-twilio ships with an instantiated, so that you can use the Twilio REST API with as little effort as possible. :)

Using django_twilio.client.twilio_client, you can print a list of all the phone numbers you have provisioned to your Twilio account by running the following code:

from django_twilio.client import twilio_client

for number in

See how you didn’t have to worry about credentials or anything? Niiiiice.

Further Reading

Twilio’s REST API lets you do a lot of awesome stuff. Among other things, you can:

  • View and manage your Twilio account and sub-accounts.
  • Manage your Twilio applications.
  • Authorize Twilio apps.
  • View your call logs.
  • View all of your authorized caller IDs.
  • Check out your connected apps.
  • View all Twilio notifications.
  • Get a list of all call recordings.
  • View all call transcriptions.
  • View all SMS messages.
  • View and manage all phone numbers.
  • Manage your conference rooms.
  • Manage your API sandboxes.
  • etc…

To learn more about what you can do, I suggest reading the Twilio REST documentation and the twilio-python REST documentation.